A New Path to the Stone Age

Birdie Points June 12, 2014

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Some of my bird points.








Bone tools

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Made some tools from deer bone.  Pictured are some ulna bone awls which are also great for flint knapping, they make really fine serrations and notches.  Also some regular awls and bone needles and a fish hook made from a deer toe bone. I polished and sanded them using the scouring rush also called horse tail reed.







Prehistoric Fossils October 26, 2012

I have been collecting fossils for some time now, to hold something in my hand that has been preserved in stone for millions of years is simply amazing.  For those of you that don’t know, the word fossil means “dug out of the ground.”  Here are some that I have purchased over the years.

This is a tooth from an Equus or Prehistoric Horse- Pleistocene – Recent

This is a tooth from a Prehistoric Bison. Pliocene – Recent

Tooth from Three-Toed Horse (Nannippus peninsulatus) Pliocene Era

Tooth from Prehistoric Ground Sloth (Megalonyx) Pleistocene Era.

Fossil Crinoid stems (Sea Lillies) and Gastropod shells from ancient sea snails.

Trilobite fossils (Species Phacops) and Ammonite fossils from England.

Fossil ferns (Pennsylvanian Era) and Polished Echinoids (sea urchins) from Morocco.


My Favorite Stone Age Documentaries May 2, 2012

I always enjoy watching a good documentary.   Here are a few of my favorites that I have watched over the years.  If you have a chance check them out.

BBC Video- Walking With Cavemen.

History Channel- Clash of the Cavemen

History Channel- Journey To 10,000 B.C.  The Real Story of Prehistoric Man’s Fight For Survival

Nova- America’s Stone Age Explorers  Where did the first Americans come from?

Discovery Channel- Ice Age Columbus Who were the first Americans?

Discovery Channel- Iceman Hunt For A Killer  (About Otzi the Iceman)

Discovery Channel- L.A. 10,000 B.C.  (About Los Angeles during the Ice Age.)

Also check Netflix if you have it, a lot of great films on Prehistoric animals.  Cave of Dreams is also a good one to watch.

Take Care.


Using the hand drill March 29, 2012

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These pics are from last year.  Made a coal using California buckeye hearth board and spindle.  Probably took about 30 seconds to form a coal with this fire drill combination.


Bone tools

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I made a few bone tools about a year ago using elk bone and pieces of cow rib bone.   Pictured are small bone ornaments, needles, awls and a harpoon point with dogbane cordage.



Grinding and Pounding Stones March 8, 2012

I took a break from flintknapping and finished up on some ground stone artifacts.  The flat stone with the three small depressions is called a nutting stone,  Native Americans used these for cracking acorns, hickories and other types of nuts.  There is also a sandstone mortar which is useful in grinding charcoal and stones for pigments.  It is still a little shallow,  I want to peck and grind it a little deeper I think.  The small grayish stone dish will be used  as a paint pallete.  I made the paint brush using a piece of cat-tail stalk with a little yucca fiber and pine pitch to glue the fibers in place.