A New Path to the Stone Age

Prehistoric Fossils October 26, 2012

I have been collecting fossils for some time now, to hold something in my hand that has been preserved in stone for millions of years is simply amazing.  For those of you that don’t know, the word fossil means “dug out of the ground.”  Here are some that I have purchased over the years.

This is a tooth from an Equus or Prehistoric Horse- Pleistocene – Recent

This is a tooth from a Prehistoric Bison. Pliocene – Recent

Tooth from Three-Toed Horse (Nannippus peninsulatus) Pliocene Era

Tooth from Prehistoric Ground Sloth (Megalonyx) Pleistocene Era.

Fossil Crinoid stems (Sea Lillies) and Gastropod shells from ancient sea snails.

Trilobite fossils (Species Phacops) and Ammonite fossils from England.

Fossil ferns (Pennsylvanian Era) and Polished Echinoids (sea urchins) from Morocco.