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Watercolor pics April 11, 2012

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Played around with watercolor years ago, I think these pics I made came out pretty good.   Sorry if the scans are a little blurry.

Native American man near thatched hut.

Jungle scene

Mortar and pestle






Grinding and Pounding Stones March 8, 2012

I took a break from flintknapping and finished up on some ground stone artifacts.  The flat stone with the three small depressions is called a nutting stone,  Native Americans used these for cracking acorns, hickories and other types of nuts.  There is also a sandstone mortar which is useful in grinding charcoal and stones for pigments.  It is still a little shallow,  I want to peck and grind it a little deeper I think.  The small grayish stone dish will be used  as a paint pallete.  I made the paint brush using a piece of cat-tail stalk with a little yucca fiber and pine pitch to glue the fibers in place.