A New Path to the Stone Age

Poem February 27, 2012

Filed under: Primitive Projects — stoneagepaths @ 1:44 AM

Read this poem in a book and thought I would share it.

As man today

I greet you, Ancient Brother Man

And point with gratitude

To these artifacts you made in eons past.

The signature of man’s slow rise

Is on each tool, each point, each axe

And we can sense the human impact still.

Who smoked this pipe? Who played this flute?

Who used this hoe? Who threw this spear?

And was it made for enemy – or deer?

As Man today

I kneel upon an mountain circled flat

To feel the ancient ashes yield, and see

A kinship gift which you have left for me.

I grasp within my hand a perfect tool

So long ago chipped carefully from stone,

And now but for the timing of our fates

It might have been my own.

I touch with care its edges keen and fine,

Where once you placed your thumb

There now is mine.



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