A New Path to the Stone Age

New arrowhead April 14, 2012

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Made this one a few days ago, added the serrations today.  A little thick at the base, but I like it.


Watercolor pics April 11, 2012

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Played around with watercolor years ago, I think these pics I made came out pretty good.   Sorry if the scans are a little blurry.

Native American man near thatched hut.

Jungle scene

Mortar and pestle






Agua Caliente Cultural Museum April 5, 2012

Went to the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum it was smaller than I expected, but they are raising funds to build a new 110,000 sq. foot museum facility in the heart of Palm Springs.  They did have some nice baskets and artifacts belonging to the Cahuilla people.



The photos below were from a Heritage building next door.

Cahuilla Indian boy and woman grinding mesquite seed pods in a stone mortar.


Palm Springs Pictures

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Had a wonderful vacation in Palm Springs, CA.  Took some great pics of  the local flora and a few Indian artifacts.

These pics were taken at the Moorten Botanical Gardens on South Palm Canyon Drive.







Vacation April 2, 2012

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Hi everyone.   Going to Palm Springs, California with my  mom and dad, their dog Mr. Russel, my wife, two daughters, my niece and myself.   Hope to bring back some nice pictures.  I plan to visit the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum while I’m there.  They are supposed to have a nice display of baskets and artifacts belonging to the Cahuilla Indians who have lived in that region for over 3,000 years.

For more info on the museum go to