A New Path to the Stone Age

New arrowhead April 14, 2012

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Made this one a few days ago, added the serrations today.  A little thick at the base, but I like it.


Chert and Flint March 24, 2012

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Here are several closeups of different types of chert and flint.  I love the beautiful colors and textures each one has.  This was the ideal material for Native Americans in the making of stone tools such as arrowheads, scrapers, drills, and spear points.  Pictures taken by my daughter Mallorie.


Possible Artifact? March 19, 2012

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You think I would have found this in the desert or in a stream somewhere, but I found it in a box of flint someone sent me.  It kind of looks like an Indian artifact.   It has a patina on it, some of the cortex is still there,  looks like a little retouch near the edges.  Even if it isn’t a scraper or another type of stone age tool,  I’m still going to leave it as is.